Our Services

It's all the little things that make a big difference at the Village Market


Coffee...It's Complimentary!

You are always welcomed with a freshly brewed cup of Green Mountain Coffee. Enjoy it with our compliments! You may also find lemonade in a heat spell or hot chocolate on the coldest winter days!



Our restroom is your restroom. We find this convenience to be very much appreciated - especially with parents of young kids. We located a clean, roomy restroom right up near the front of the store for your comfort and convenience.


Kids' Club/Kids' Corner

Are you ten years old or younger? Then welcome to our Kids' Club. The Kids' Club has a special Kids' Corner right next to the last cash register (to the left as you walk in the door). Here, we provide a daily snack - look for the big basket- which can be anything from apples and bananas to Cheetos and chips to string cheese or Jell-o pudding. Feel free to help yourself, and enjoy.


Small Quantity Purchases

Buy Just What You Need. In every department we are happy to get you just what you want and well do any thing we can to do so. Small quantities can be a real help, we know. If you're not an egg user, but you need one for a recipe, don't buy a dozen, we'll sell you just one egg. Same thing for a few slices of bread (the deli always has a good variety), half a bunch of parsley, a few ounces of ground round- anything we can do, we are happy to do for you!


Gift and Fruit Baskets

We offer an assortment of gift and fruit baskets. Anyone in the produce department can help you with a selection. The finished baskets can be picked up at the store.


Deposit Accounts

For our customers who want the convenience of not having to pay at the time of each purchase - or perhaps have arranged for someone to do their shopping for them, we offer deposit accounts. We take a deposit by credit card and then keep an accounting of purchases against that deposit.
Many people authorize replenishments by their credit card (those free airline miles programs have made the deposit accounts very popular in recent years)! It is a way to simplify things at the checkout counter and keep an accurate record of your food purchases. If it would be convenient for you, stop by the office to establish one of these accounts, for you your family, your company, or organization.


Cut To Order

We've got lots of knives and lots of people eager to help you! Oranges We cut up lots of oranges! When it's your turn to bring a snack to the soccer game, it can be a real time saver! Just call the produce department. Throughout the store, we will cut your sirloin steak, your pineapple, your baked ham or the crusts off your sandwich. Any way you want - just let us know!


Grated Cheese

Need to have some cheese grated for fondue or another dish? Our deli department will be happy grate your selection for you. Just ask at the deli counter.



Having a party? We can make a birthday cake just to your liking and we have balloons galore to add to the excitement of your festive event.


Special Orders

We will try to get you any product you desire. We routinely investigate sources for products available in other parts of the country. If you want it and it's available, we will certainly try. Even if it means we get a product that you alone are interested in, we may not place it on our shelves, but rather keep it in back - just for you.


We'll Ship It

Sometimes our customers move away. We wish they wouldn't, but some do anyway! It's not uncommon for us to get a call and a request to ship out a case of a certain local salad dressing to North Carolina or a few boxes of something that is not available at the University of Arizona - we're glad to help where we can!


Safe Keeping

We'll keep your groceries cold and stored while you run other errands. We'll store your groceries if you need to leave them while you run other errands - great when it's hot outside and you have fresh fish or ice cream. Alternatively, we'll supply ice to pack your cold purchases in!


Water During Power Outages

The faucet, located on the south side of the building, will be on for the folks who need fresh water for brushing or flushing.


Postage Stamps

We sell postage stamps at cost at the registers - a real convenience if it can save you a trip to the post office!


Send/Receive a Fax

Need to send or receive a fax? We can help. Our fax number is 203-762-8011. Anyone up front can help you.