Our Community

Part of Our Town Since 1935

The Village Market has always enjoyed a great relationship with Wilton. For 75 years this growing town has supported our growing business. And we have always taken very seriously our responsibility to our community. But that responsibility to be a good neighbor has always been much more of a pleasure than an obligation. We’re glad to help dozens and dozens of local events, organizations and causes each year in many different ways. Annually we select one or two of the big projects in town to support in a major way. And we’re very pleased to be able to do so.   

Below is a list of the ways in which we support local efforts to make this town the special place it is. Let us know if and how we might help your cause. If we can, we will!

Here at “The Market” we have always been part and proud of our growing town. We like being a place where on any given day you might find your neighbor’s daughter offering Girl Scout cookies on our front sidewalk, or maybe a church raffle for a handmade quilt, or perhaps learn about an issue coming up for a vote in town.   

We gladly lend our support to over one hundred causes each year. Everything from discounts to substantial financial support for non-profit capital campaigns. These organizations add so much to the quality of life in our area – from the most basic human services to enhancing lives through the arts. We are continually trying to do our part to enrich this great community.

Food Bank

We maintain a bin in the front of the store for contributions to the local food bank and our “wishing well” collects thousands of dollars each year for perishables. Our store donates thousands of pounds of wholesome food yearly to local soup kitchens and other great agencies.

Product Discounts

We often will discount the cost of purchase to local organizations and events. The amount and extent of the discounts are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Our Sidewalk

We allow community-based efforts to solicit support from our customers on our front sidewalk, for example Boy Scout Troop 125 has decorated our store at Christmas and sold wreaths for over 20 years! Please contact Nancy Dolnier for details and scheduling guidelines.

How We Can Help your Organization

A big part of our business philosophy is our understanding of the strong partnership we have with our community, which has supported our business for over 75 years. We have been proud to support innumerable causes, organizations and events to respond in kind. We support such community-based activities in the following ways:

Financial Support

Each year we budget for cash donations to go to many community groups and events. That support ranges from buying a small ad for under $100 to sponsoring events that may run into thousands of dollars.
We also budget a certain amount for capital campaigns and each year donate thousands of dollars for scheduled contributions.


Because we do get more requests each year than we can fulfill, we give priority to local efforts and can only support group activities as opposed to individual sponsorships and efforts.

Product Donations

We routinely make donations of product to local events.

Our Bulletin Boards

We encourage the advertisement of goods, services and events for all non-profit efforts on our bulletin boards located on either side of our front doors. Please contact anyone of our managers on duty or Nancy Dolnier for details about how big notices may be and for how long they may remain posted on our rather limited space.

Our Newspaper Ad

We dedicate a part of weekly ad space to help publicize community events. Please contact Nancy Dolnier at least four weeks in advance of the week you would like to be included in our ad and she will explain the details.